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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-21Default target is the first BSPNathaniel Graff
2019-06-21Allow list-* targets to work without specifying a valid TARGETKevin Mills
2019-06-20fixup standalone targets to work.Kevin Mills
2019-06-06Allow sed to work on MacOSKevin Mills
2019-06-05Merge pull request #265 from sifive/open-docsNathaniel Graff
2019-06-03Add make target to open local documentationNathaniel Graff
2019-06-02Update Makefile to handle special ENV require for coremark, dhrystoneBunnaroath Sou
2019-05-22Simplify the list-programs make targetNathaniel Graff
2019-03-29Mix a minor cleanup missedBunnaroath Sou
2019-03-19Reverted to naming verilog hex files .hexcgsfv
2019-03-19Added .map + .lst + .rtl extra output filescgsfv
2019-03-15Mark list-* as PHONYNathaniel Graff
2019-03-15Add the list-target-tags make targetNathaniel Graff
2019-03-14list-targets accepts TARGET_REQUIRE_TAGS as filterNathaniel Graff
2019-03-14BSPs are any directory with settings.mkNathaniel Graff
2019-03-14Use TARGET_TAGS in MakefileNathaniel Graff
2019-03-13Enable elf2hex in standalone projectsNathaniel Graff
2019-03-12Build program into SRC_DIR/CONFIGURATION/PROGRAMNathaniel Graff
2019-03-12Build metal libs into install/lib/CONFIGURATIONNathaniel Graff
2019-03-12ELF output has .elf extensionNathaniel Graff
2019-03-12Support Debug/Release configurationsNathaniel Graff
2019-03-07Remove BSP checks from MakefileNathaniel Graff
2019-03-06Add support for Segger J-LinkNathaniel Graff
2019-02-13Document INCLUDE_METAL_SOURCES for standalone targetNathaniel Graff
2019-02-13Create standalone target which copies metal sourceNathaniel Graff
2019-02-12Move libmetal make targets to scripts/libmetal.mkNathaniel Graff
2019-02-04Replace all mee with metalNathaniel Graff
2019-01-31Add TARGET as a synonym for BOARDNathaniel Graff
2019-01-29Remove '-r' from sed command (not required and does not work on MacOS). Remov...Kevin Mills
2019-01-24Put back OpenOCD into the top-level MakefileNathaniel Graff
2019-01-24make it clearKevin Mills
2019-01-24Do this more efficiently and with less duplication.Kevin Mills
2019-01-24Make list-options target for Freedom Studio to parse.Kevin Mills
2019-01-23Move comment out of recipe and prevent var expansionKevin Mills
2019-01-23Disable maintainer mode in MEE buildNathaniel Graff
2019-01-18Enumerate MEE boards and programsNathaniel Graff
2019-01-18Document standalone targetNathaniel Graff
2019-01-18Add export of standalone projectNathaniel Graff
2019-01-15Update make helpNathaniel Graff
2019-01-11Add Makefile arguments for out-of-tree BSPs and programsNathaniel Graff
2019-01-04Look for OpenOCD in RISCV_OPENOCD_PATHNathaniel Graff
2019-01-03Fix relocation error on 64-bit targetsNathaniel Graff
2019-01-03Add MEE BSP include path to MakefileNathaniel Graff
2019-01-03Link with libgccNathaniel Graff
2018-12-18Pass AR through when building MEE-based examplesPalmer Dabbelt
2018-12-13Add support for generating coreip hex files via elf2hexPalmer Dabbelt
2018-12-13Support Building of MEE and MEE examplesNathaniel Graff
2018-12-12Allow users to set a CROSS_COMPLIE argumentPalmer Dabbelt
2018-12-11Remove tools from MakefileNathaniel Graff
2018-09-11spaces will break the make invocationKen Takusagawa