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2019-06-21Update docs for contents of SDKNathaniel Graff
2019-06-04Update README for coremark.Hsiang-Chia.Huang
2019-06-02Update readme, and doc/sphinx to include coremarkBunnaroath Sou
2019-04-12Add Unleashed and U54(MC) to E SDK contentsNathaniel Graff
2019-03-26Update readme to include dhrystoneBunnaroath Sou
2019-03-26Merge pull request #219 from sifive/rename-welcomeNathaniel Graff
2019-03-26Update docs for sifive-welcome renameNathaniel Graff
2019-03-26Update the README for targets and commandsNathaniel Graff
2019-03-07Reference legacy preservation branch in READMENathaniel Graff
2019-03-07Update docs to remove legacyNathaniel Graff
2019-03-05Updated to submoduleDavid Connelly
2019-03-05changed demo name to coreip-welcome to match bsp convention (was coreplexip-w...David Connelly
2019-03-04coreplexip-welcome example updated using freedom metalDavid Connelly
2019-02-13Document INCLUDE_METAL_SOURCES for standalone targetNathaniel Graff
2019-02-06Add link to docs to READMENathaniel Graff
2019-02-04Replace all mee with metalNathaniel Graff
2019-01-31Document TARGET in READMENathaniel Graff
2019-01-30Add PMP example programNathaniel Graff
2019-01-25Update Freedom Metal documentation linkNathaniel Graff
2019-01-18Document standalone targetNathaniel Graff
2019-01-15Add clarifications to READMENathaniel Graff
2019-01-04Update README to describe Freedom Metal integrationNathaniel Graff
2018-12-13Be optimistic!Kevin Mills
2018-12-11Update README to point only at pre-built toolchainNathaniel Graff
2017-11-20dhrystone score to reflect current resultDrew Barbier
2017-11-20Update dhrystone sectionDrew Barbier
2017-09-22Fix name resolving issue (#74)pbing
2017-09-22Fix `RISC_PATH` -> `RISCV_PATH` in README (#72)Frank
2017-05-17rename 'PREFIX' to 'PATH' for more intuitive namingmwachs5
2017-05-17Re-arrange some Makefile instructionsMegan Wachs
2017-05-17Update Makefile and README with how to use precompiled binaries.mwachs5
2017-02-02help: Re-organized the Makefile help, and updated the README to use the alrea...Megan Wachs
2017-01-26Update README.mdMegan Wachs
2017-01-12Use HTTPS when possible and speedup the first build (#40)dns2utf8
2017-01-03Add benchmarking READMEAndrew Waterman
2016-12-14Update README.mdMegan Wachs
2016-12-11Update README.mdMegan Wachs
2016-12-05Add libexpat1-dev to the required packages list (#14)Megan Wachs
2016-11-30Bump Everything to Match new Freedom Repo (#8)Megan Wachs
2016-07-26Add Ubuntu Packagesmwachs5
2016-07-26Initial CheckinMegan Wachs