path: root/freedom-metal
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-21Fix OpenOCD cfg and remove warningsNathaniel Graff
2019-06-21Update docs for 19.05Nathaniel Graff
2019-06-21Bump Metal and DeviceTree Tools submodules to latest masterNathaniel Graff
2019-06-02Add compile options for coremark and update freedom-metal repo.Hsiang-Chia.Huang
2019-05-28Update freedom-metal to remove commas from filenamesNathaniel Graff
2019-05-23Update metal for boot hart supportNathaniel Graff
2019-05-22Update Metal for new pmp driverNathaniel Graff
2019-05-20Update metal to pick up inline supportBunnaroath Sou
2019-05-02Update Metal and build scripts for platform headerNathaniel Graff
2019-04-12Update BSPs for Unleashed and U54(MC)Nathaniel Graff
2019-04-12Update Metal for multicore supportNathaniel Graff
2019-03-29Update Metal to v201903Nathaniel Graff
2019-03-21Pick metal PLIC fixesBunnaroath Sou
2019-03-11Update Metal to pick up FU540-C000 L2 driver fixesNathaniel Graff
2019-03-07Update freedom-metal to pickup gloss time routinesBunnaroath Sou
2019-03-07Update Metal libraryNathaniel Graff
2019-02-14Update Metal for SPI driverNathaniel Graff
2019-02-14Update minor fix to local-interrupt and its stacksizeBunnaroath Sou
2019-02-04Move freedom-mee to freedom-metal and update for renameNathaniel Graff