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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-21Merge pull request #284 from sifive/remove-pmp-fixupNathaniel Graff
2019-06-20make "clean" work too.Kevin Mills
2019-06-17Reorder CFLAGS for benchmarksNathaniel Graff
2019-06-14Don't add riscv,pmpregions to DTSNathaniel Graff
2019-06-13Don't add a testram in fixup-dtsNathaniel Graff
2019-06-10Merge pull request #279 from sifive/use-bashNathaniel Graff
2019-06-07Quote strings properly in scripts/fixup-dts.Michael Maloney
2019-06-07Standardize on bash for shell scriptsNathaniel Graff
2019-06-06Merge pull request #269 from sifive/fixup-bug-fixesNathaniel Graff
2019-06-05Merge pull request #265 from sifive/open-docsNathaniel Graff
2019-06-05Merge pull request #266 from sifive/fixup-arty-metal-entryNathaniel Graff
2019-06-05Look for hex digits, not decimal digits in fixup-dtsNathaniel Graff
2019-06-05fixup-dts takes first matching portNathaniel Graff
2019-06-03Detect when we need to add metal,entry for FPGA targetsNathaniel Graff
2019-06-03Add make target to open local documentationNathaniel Graff
2019-06-02Add compile options for coremark and update freedom-metal repo.Hsiang-Chia.Huang
2019-06-02Update Makefile to handle special ENV require for coremark, dhrystoneBunnaroath Sou
2019-05-31Disable ramrodata for dhrystone on boards with 16k RAMNathaniel Graff
2019-05-24Merge branch 'development-19.05' into dhrystone_19.05hsiang-chia.huang
2019-05-22Setup default options for dhrystone release.Hsiang-Chia.Huang
2019-05-21Update DTS fixup for riscv,pmpregions propertyNathaniel Graff
2019-05-20Update metal to pick up inline supportBunnaroath Sou
2019-05-08Add missing quotes to bash conditionalNathaniel Graff
2019-05-06Add stdout-path if not specified and UART existsNathaniel Graff
2019-05-06Check for targets which don't support PMPNathaniel Graff
2019-05-06Use gsed if it exists (MacOS compatibilityNathaniel Graff
2019-05-02Update Metal and build scripts for platform headerNathaniel Graff
2019-04-30Merge pull request #235 from sifive/u54-rtlNathaniel Graff
2019-04-19Add script to update submodule URLs to use SSHNathaniel Graff
2019-04-12Update BSPs for Unleashed and U54(MC)Nathaniel Graff
2019-04-12Update elf2hex to pick up more Python 2 fixesNathaniel Graff
2019-04-11Merge pull request #231 from sifive/newlib-nanoNathaniel Graff
2019-04-11Merge pull request #232 from sifive/elf2hex-python2Nathaniel Graff
2019-04-10Allow Python >= 2.7 for elf2hexNathaniel Graff
2019-04-10Use CCASFLAGS instead of ASFLAGSNathaniel Graff
2019-04-10Use newlib-nanoNathaniel Graff
2019-03-31Add missing numintbits for clicBunnaroath Sou
2019-03-25Set ASFLAGS to workPalmer Dabbelt
2019-03-25Add DTS fixup scriptNathaniel Graff
2019-03-22Initial internal tag 0.0.1 for FS 19.03 RCBunnaroath Sou
2019-03-19Missed one search and replacecgsfv
2019-03-19Reverted to naming verilog hex files .hexcgsfv
2019-03-19Added .map + .lst + .rtl extra output filescgsfv
2019-03-18Add link target options to tools and envBunnaroath Sou
2019-03-14list-targets accepts TARGET_REQUIRE_TAGS as filterNathaniel Graff
2019-03-14Use TARGET_TAGS in MakefileNathaniel Graff
2019-03-14Merge pull request #205 from sifive/standalone-hexNathaniel Graff
2019-03-13Merge pull request #204 from sifive/elf2hex-maintainerNathaniel Graff
2019-03-13Enable elf2hex in standalone projectsNathaniel Graff
2019-03-13Clean a single Metal configuration at a timeNathaniel Graff