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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-24setup_timer_irq: check that we handle the correct IRQSilvan Jegen
2019-08-24setup_timer_irq: set correct MIE bitSilvan Jegen
2019-08-24first: introduce wait_for_irqSilvan Jegen
2019-08-24delay: load/write high and low valueSilvan Jegen
2019-08-17Call delay in ISRSilvan Jegen
2019-08-10Implement first version of ISRSilvan Jegen
2019-08-01Start implementing irq setup and handlingSilvan Jegen
2019-07-23first: fix tabs vs. spacesSilvan Jegen
2019-07-22Implement first superblink versionSilvan Jegen
2019-06-14add test-coreip assembly testDavid Connelly
2019-06-02add sifive/coremark repoHsiang-Chia.Huang
2019-05-31Update to get incorrect commenting fixBunnaroath Sou
2019-05-29Update examples to pickup licensesBunnaroath Sou
2019-05-24Merge branch 'development-19.05' into dhrystone_19.05hsiang-chia.huang
2019-05-23Update examples to be hart-agnosticNathaniel Graff
2019-05-23Add user mode example programsNathaniel Graff
2019-05-22Setup default options for dhrystone release.Hsiang-Chia.Huang
2019-05-20Update metal to pick up inline supportBunnaroath Sou
2019-04-30Update Dhrystone and metal to remove nano & pick memory.hBunnaroath Sou
2019-04-12Add multicore-hello exampleNathaniel Graff
2019-04-11Update example-pmp to remove printf from exception handlerNathaniel Graff
2019-03-26Making dhrystone publicBunnaroath Sou
2019-03-26Rename example-coreip-welcome to sifive-welcomeNathaniel Graff
2019-03-26Update all software examples to use wildcards in makefileNathaniel Graff
2019-03-15Add missing READMEs to software examplesNathaniel Graff
2019-03-07Remove legacy examplesNathaniel Graff
2019-03-06submodule updated and banner message updatedDavid Connelly
2019-03-05Updated to submoduleDavid Connelly
2019-03-05submodule name changeDavid Connelly
2019-03-05changed demo name to coreip-welcome to match bsp convention (was coreplexip-w...David Connelly
2019-03-04fix spacing, remove tabsDavid Connelly
2019-03-04coreplexip-welcome example updated using freedom metalDavid Connelly
2019-02-20Add empty example submoduleNathaniel Graff
2019-02-14Add SPI example programNathaniel Graff
2019-02-14Update minor fix to local-interrupt and its stacksizeBunnaroath Sou
2019-02-04Update examples for metal renameNathaniel Graff
2019-01-30Add PMP example programNathaniel Graff
2019-01-25Update Metal APINathaniel Graff
2019-01-14Simple RTL example returning pass and failBunnaroath Sou
2019-01-11Merge pull request #142 from sifive/ignore-hello-hexNathaniel Graff
2019-01-11Add a simple local interrupt exampleBunnaroath Sou
2019-01-11Ignore and clean hello.hexNathaniel Graff
2019-01-11Merge pull request #140 from sifive/itimNathaniel Graff
2019-01-10Update ITIM example to remove printfsNathaniel Graff
2019-01-09Add timer interrupt exampleBunnaroath Sou
2019-01-09Add software interrupt exampleBunnaroath Sou
2019-01-07Add ITIM exampleNathaniel Graff
2018-12-13Move hello example to submoduleNathaniel Graff
2018-09-06HiFive-1 board bit-bang i2c demoHasan Unlu
2018-07-09remove non-vectored exampleDrew Barbier