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2017-02-18Make the StringFilter configurableSilvan Jegen
2017-02-16Return a Manager, not a ConfigSilvan Jegen
We are not using the manager yet though.
2017-02-15Put the Manager in its own packageSilvan Jegen
2017-01-22Use registry for output modulesSilvan Jegen
2017-01-21Use the registry for filter modules as wellSilvan Jegen
2017-01-20Introduce registrySilvan Jegen
We introduce a registry that contains maps to builder functions. These builder functions return the interface implementation of the modules specified in the configuration. We also make the input module type use the registry. All other module types still have to be converted.
2016-12-25Implement lexer based on ScannerSilvan Jegen
We also add the skeleton of a recursive descent parser.
2016-12-25Add and use NewStdin functionSilvan Jegen
2016-12-09Reorganize filesSilvan Jegen