path: root/software/first
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-31software/first: remove unused delay.S fileSilvan Jegen
2019-08-31first: remove unused assembly fileSilvan Jegen
2019-08-31software/first: add missed filesSilvan Jegen
2019-08-24setup_timer_irq: remove debugging loadsSilvan Jegen
2019-08-24setup_timer_irq: don't shift ISR address to the leftSilvan Jegen
2019-08-24setup_timer_irq: load ISR with correct instructionSilvan Jegen
2019-08-24setup_timer_irq: check that we handle the correct IRQSilvan Jegen
2019-08-24setup_timer_irq: set correct MIE bitSilvan Jegen
2019-08-24first: introduce wait_for_irqSilvan Jegen
2019-08-24delay: load/write high and low valueSilvan Jegen
2019-08-17Call delay in ISRSilvan Jegen
2019-08-10Implement first version of ISRSilvan Jegen
2019-08-01Start implementing irq setup and handlingSilvan Jegen
2019-07-23first: fix tabs vs. spacesSilvan Jegen
2019-07-22Implement first superblink versionSilvan Jegen