AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-02-22Return early on errorHEADmasterSilvan Jegen
2017-02-21Use a config flagSilvan Jegen
2017-02-19Clean the strings used by the string filterSilvan Jegen
2017-02-19Pass the keyvalues to the New functionsSilvan Jegen
2017-02-19Use a setter to set the Work errorSilvan Jegen
2017-02-18Sanitize port and prefixSilvan Jegen
2017-02-18Rename interface filesSilvan Jegen
2017-02-18Print to StderrSilvan Jegen
2017-02-18Make the StringFilter configurableSilvan Jegen
2017-02-16Return a Manager, not a ConfigSilvan Jegen
We are not using the manager yet though.
2017-02-15Put the Manager in its own packageSilvan Jegen
2017-02-15Change file nameSilvan Jegen
We just copy the config skeleton from the .def.cfg file to a file called stasher.cfg.
2017-02-15Propagate Input errorSilvan Jegen
2017-02-14Change Output interface to return an errorSilvan Jegen
2017-02-14Implement simple http OutputSilvan Jegen
2017-01-29Add http output module skeletonSilvan Jegen
2017-01-27Differentiate between modules and main modulesSilvan Jegen
Allow several modules within a main module. We also start parsing the output main module (which does not have an "http" module yet).
2017-01-24Make sure the init functions of all modules are runSilvan Jegen
We also get the filter function constructor.
2017-01-22Use registry for output modulesSilvan Jegen
2017-01-21Initialize registry mapsSilvan Jegen
2017-01-21Fix input module nameSilvan Jegen
2017-01-21Use the registry for filter modules as wellSilvan Jegen
2017-01-20Introduce registrySilvan Jegen
We introduce a registry that contains maps to builder functions. These builder functions return the interface implementation of the modules specified in the configuration. We also make the input module type use the registry. All other module types still have to be converted.
2017-01-20Print filter module description as wellSilvan Jegen
2017-01-20Return module descriptionSilvan Jegen
For now it's mostly key-value pairs but it will most likely have to get more complex because of the if-statements.
2017-01-20Add missed interface filesSilvan Jegen
2017-01-18Don't loop in advanceOneTokenSilvan Jegen
2017-01-18Merge branch 'writeownscanner'Silvan Jegen
This is not working correctly yet.
2017-01-18Rename fileSilvan Jegen
2017-01-15Implement Stringer interface for the token typeSilvan Jegen
2016-12-28Finish parsing of keyvaluesSilvan Jegen
2016-12-28Implement Peek()Silvan Jegen
2016-12-27Parse more of our current config formatSilvan Jegen
2016-12-26Fix "go vet" issueSilvan Jegen
2016-12-25Add example config fileSilvan Jegen
2016-12-25Start writing the parserSilvan Jegen
2016-12-25Implement our own scannerSilvan Jegen
This allows us to record byte offset and line number in the token.
2016-12-25Implement lexer based on ScannerSilvan Jegen
We also add the skeleton of a recursive descent parser.
2016-12-25Add and use NewStdin functionSilvan Jegen
2016-12-16Add an HTTP filterSilvan Jegen
2016-12-11Add config parser skeletonSilvan Jegen
2016-12-09Reorganize filesSilvan Jegen
2016-12-04Don't use Form values, just read the bodySilvan Jegen
2016-12-04Add HTTPInputSilvan Jegen
2016-12-04Remove unneeded struct fieldSilvan Jegen
2016-12-04Introduce a New function for the StringFilterSilvan Jegen
2016-12-04Iterate over filter functions instead of input fieldsSilvan Jegen
That way we make sure that we don't check fields that we won't need to look at.
2016-12-04Make the function map more easily changeableSilvan Jegen
2016-11-29Run one Work load in one GoroutineSilvan Jegen
2016-11-29Do something in the StringFilterSilvan Jegen