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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-18Merge branch 'writeownscanner'Silvan Jegen
2017-01-15Implement Stringer interface for the token typeSilvan Jegen
2016-12-28Finish parsing of keyvaluesSilvan Jegen
2016-12-28Implement Peek()Silvan Jegen
2016-12-27Parse more of our current config formatSilvan Jegen
2016-12-26Fix "go vet" issueSilvan Jegen
2016-12-25Start writing the parserSilvan Jegen
2016-12-25Implement our own scannerSilvan Jegen
2016-12-25Implement lexer based on ScannerSilvan Jegen
2016-12-11Add config parser skeletonSilvan Jegen