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masterMake sure to get text in sub-elementsSilvan Jegen7 years
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2016-12-01Make sure to get text in sub-elementsHEADmasterSilvan Jegen
2016-12-01Get the text in sub-elements as wellSilvan Jegen
2016-09-24Add licenseSilvan Jegen
2016-09-24Make the path staticSilvan Jegen
2016-09-24Return on errorSilvan Jegen
2016-09-19Let's not repeat ourselves too muchSilvan Jegen
2016-09-18Fix library nameSilvan Jegen
2016-09-18Add Bugs sectionSilvan Jegen
2016-09-18Add a dash to the outputSilvan Jegen
2016-09-17Convert the times and get the statistics with RSilvan Jegen