AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-12-01Make sure to get text in sub-elementsHEADmasterSilvan Jegen
2016-12-01Get the text in sub-elements as wellSilvan Jegen
2016-09-24Add licenseSilvan Jegen
2016-09-24Make the path staticSilvan Jegen
2016-09-24Return on errorSilvan Jegen
2016-09-19Let's not repeat ourselves too muchSilvan Jegen
2016-09-18Fix library nameSilvan Jegen
2016-09-18Add Bugs sectionSilvan Jegen
2016-09-18Add a dash to the outputSilvan Jegen
2016-09-17Convert the times and get the statistics with RSilvan Jegen
2016-09-17Update READMESilvan Jegen
2016-09-16Get rid of unneeded characters in the measurementsSilvan Jegen
2016-09-16Add link to READMESilvan Jegen
2016-09-16Add READMESilvan Jegen
2016-09-16Remove commented-out codeSilvan Jegen
2016-09-16We don't need the "body" element after allSilvan Jegen
2016-09-15Repeat the runs 10 timesSilvan Jegen
2016-09-15Add benchmarking scripts and benchmarking subsetSilvan Jegen
2016-09-15Don't print the section titleSilvan Jegen
2016-09-13Update clean targetSilvan Jegen
2016-09-13Add pyeletree.pySilvan Jegen
2016-09-13The struct is already called 'article'Silvan Jegen
2016-09-13Add goencxmlSilvan Jegen
2016-09-13We don't need to check if there is a space or notSilvan Jegen
2016-09-13Remove unneeded codeSilvan Jegen
2016-09-13Fix mxml programSilvan Jegen
2016-09-12Print article-title textSilvan Jegen
2016-09-12Start parsing filesSilvan Jegen
2016-09-12Add sxmlcSilvan Jegen
2016-09-12Deal with nested elements betterSilvan Jegen
2016-09-12Make sure we are printing the right tagSilvan Jegen
2016-09-08Print the article-titleSilvan Jegen
2016-09-08Allocate buffer struct the right waySilvan Jegen
2016-09-08Move parser init out of the parsing loopSilvan Jegen
2016-09-08Implement first version of parsingSilvan Jegen
2016-09-06Add the yxml library test programSilvan Jegen
2016-09-06Use more variables in MakefileSilvan Jegen
2016-09-06Check for NULLSilvan Jegen
2016-09-06Add debug build for ezxmlSilvan Jegen
2016-09-05Add file name to error outputSilvan Jegen
2016-09-05Change outputSilvan Jegen
2016-09-05Print errors to stderrSilvan Jegen
2016-09-05Print titlesSilvan Jegen
2016-09-04Specify the complete pathSilvan Jegen
2016-09-04Ignore program nameSilvan Jegen
2016-09-04Refactor MakefileSilvan Jegen
2016-09-04Add the .c fileSilvan Jegen
2016-09-04Add dependency for ezxmlSilvan Jegen
2016-09-04Add the ezxmllib for testingSilvan Jegen
2016-09-01Get Text nodeSilvan Jegen